Tool Box

This page is used to record some useful tools I used.


  1. WaveDrom: A Free online digital timing diagram (waveform) rendering engine.
  2. [★]drawio: A free, open-source online diagramming tool.
  3. [★]chatgpt: A powerful AI!!!!
  4. snakeviz: A python performance analysis tools.
  5. fbi: A test tool for frambuffer device.
    • short guide: fbi -T <console id> <picture path>
  6. nohup: A tool can keep process runing even the console is colsed.
    • short guide: nohup <command> &
  7. IDA (Interactive Disassembler): A software commonly used in reverse engineering for analyzing binary files.
  8. sysbench: a scriptable multi-threaded benchmark tool based on LuaJIT.
  9. perfetto: A system profiling, app tracing and trace analysis tool.
  10. AIDA64: A system diagnostics and information collection software for windows. It also can be used as performance testing tool or stress testing tool.